Men in Addiction Treatment

We take pride in the fact that we treat all our clients with empathy, care and understanding, and that includes approaching recovery methods differently for men and women.


For men, there are cultural and social influences that not only tolerate and sanction alcohol and drug abuse, but often even encourage it. These influences can make it extremely difficult for men to seek outside help and understand and develop their whole selves outside of the lens of substance use. At Hoy, we’re also hyper-aware of and sensitive to the external pressures encouraging men to assume a traditional masculine role at the expense of the authentic self. This culturally-pervasive focus on masculinity often impedes men’s ability to face addiction and process emotions due to a fear of appearing less-than-ideal as a man. At our center, we provide a safe space for men to explore and access their authentic selves apart from substance use and abuse through a combination of spiritual and emotional support and skill-building. Our staff works with male clients to break the cycle of competition and grow together spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Women in Addiction Treatment

Women seeking addiction treatment have unique and special needs that other centers don’t always take into account. At Hoy, we understand that the stigma attached to chemical abuse in women often leads to denial not only in the client but also in the client’s loved ones and friends. Women with alcoholism and addiction are known to feel isolated and ashamed and afraid to seek treatment due to fear of appearing inadequate. Isolation can lead to the destruction of relationships – both with others as well as the relationship with the self. When women are suffering from chemical dependency, critical areas of their lives are impacted: self-image, parenting, sexuality, role perception, and career, among others.


At Hoy Recovery Program, Inc., we provide a safe environment that is sensitive to women’s unique needs and perspectives. Since many women’s identity as nurturers and caregivers can come into question through addiction, we work to rebuild that emotional and spiritual strength. We believe in the importance of focusing on personal growth while at the same time balancing the needs of the other people in clients’ lives, and that perspective allows our treatment to celebrate individual life experiences, encourage interdependence in relationships, and above all, celebrate strength and resilience.