Services Offered at Our Residential Treatment Center​

Clients at our residential treatment center in Velarde, NM, take advantage of custom, individualized treatment in a structured and caring setting. The 24-hour intervention environment allows for stays from 30-90 days. Our approach is twofold: a combination of current best-practices and cutting-edge treatment techniques blended with traditional Northern New Mexican holistic remedies. Residents participate in individual and group counseling, family counseling, and support group meetings.

Structured social activities, art, sweat lodge (paused as a service while under renovation), and an agricultural program round out the residential experience. Once discharged, residents are given access to vocational and rehabilitative services, programs that provide assistance with community reintegration, and outpatient program referrals. In addition, after discharge, clients are provided the opportunity to take part in support group meetings.

If you are at least 18 years old and your life has become unmanageable due to substance abuse, you’re eligible for residential treatment services at Hoy Recovery. Here’s how the process works after you’ve been admitted: you’ll be assigned a treatment team that best suits your needs. Our teams include a therapist, a substance abuse counselor, a spiritual-care counselor, a family counselor and an activities director. Each team is overseen by a case manager, and the whole team works directly with you to develop a treatment plan that will work for you and lead to a lifetime of success and recovery.


While at Hoy, you’ll live in a gender-specific residence hall. Our facility is safe, secure, and beautiful: it’s situated on 40 acres along the Rio Grande. Days at Hoy are highly structured, and our treatment activities range from gardening and fitness to traditional therapy and 12-step meetings. The wide variety of options we have available allows our treatment teams to create the ideal schedule just for you. We also understand the importance of familial involvement and support in the ongoing recovery process, so whenever possible, your loved ones are invited to participate in our Family Program.


How long you stay is up to your treatment team. The average stay is between 30-90 days, but some of our residents are recommended to undergo prolonged intensive treatment. Once your residential stay has been completed, you’ll reintegrate with the community with a better understanding of how addiction works and how to use harm-reduction techniques on a daily basis through support groups and ongoing educational opportunities.

If you are at least 18 years old and are seeking support for addiction and/or behavioral health concerns, our outpatient program might be the right fit for you. At Hoy Recovery Program, Inc., we work with both you and your family and provide an initial assessment and case management, as well as individual, group, and family therapy. Our outpatient program is perfect for those clients who want to start or continue treatment while still living and working in their communities.

Are you at least 18 years old and seeing primary treatment for addiction to either drugs or alcohol? Our intensive outpatient treatment program combines the best of our outpatient and residential programs to offer a unique, fully customizable experience. While this program isn’t for everyone, if your assessment at Hoy determines that it’s the right fit for you, you’ll live at home and travel to our outpatient clinic in Espanola, NM for a minimum of nine hours per week for sixteen weeks.

Intensive outpatient services are ideal for those who don’t require 24-hour, supervised residential treatment, those who live close to our outpatient office, and those who’ve completed a residential program either at Hoy or elsewhere, and are in need of continued support during the beginning stages of recovery and community reintegration.

If you move forward with our intensive outpatient program, you’ll be assigned to a treatment team that will work with you to create a custom plan of care. Once your course of treatment is finished, however, the work doesn’t end: your team will provide you with post-treatment recommendations designed to support ongoing recovery. After you have completed the intensive outpatient program, you’ll be empowered to use your newfound harm-reduction skills and take advantage of the social support services available.

Your time at Hoy for intensive outpatient services will be highly structured, consisting of specialized activities chosen from our wide range of options to suit you and your personal needs. A typical week might include individual and group therapy, lectures, and education on recovery in the home and work environments. Clients in the program are also encouraged to participate in outside support groups, like 12-step programs, available in the community. Your loved ones will also be able to participate in the program so they too can be well-equipped to support you on your sober-living journey.

While living at home and continuing to work and participate in your community, you’ll have the unique opportunity to implement your newfound recovery skills on a daily basis.