Detoxification, or withdrawal management is the process of letting the body remove the drugs in it. The purpose of detox is to safely manage withdrawal symptoms when someone stops taking drugs or alcohol.

Everyone has a different experience with detox. The type of drug and how long it was used affect what their withdrawal will be like.

Medications  help keep clients comfortable while the drugs leave their body. Clients who are admitted to Hoy Recovery for Withdrawal Management (Detox) must first be seen at our local Espanola Hospital, Same Day Clinic to be evaluated and approved for a  sub-acute withdrawal management program . Indivduals will be prescribed withdrawal management drugs which will be dispensed by certified staff . Clients are monitored throughout their detoxification process. Clients are offered the option to transition into our 30-90 day Residential Treatment Program following their detox.

Shirley Martinez manages the admissions to our Withdrawal Management Program. You may reach her at 505-852-2708 to start the process.

During your stay at Hoy, your treatment team will create a customized plan of action that will allow you to recover from addiction based on your specific needs and lived experiences, but we believe that the foundation of every treatment plan is individual therapy.

Our licensed clinicians begin with an assessment of the addiction and move forward to create a plan that will best assist you in your journey to sober living. The privacy and confidentiality of individual therapy allows those addicted a feeling of freedom to truly open up, focus on current and past problems, and move away from addictive patterns and behaviors. An added bonus, as you build a relationship with your therapist you’ll be working on developing a model for healthy and honest relationships post-recovery.

Addiction doesn’t just affect you. It affects the people around you, especially those in your immediate family. The support of these loved ones is crucial when it comes to full recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. At Hoy Recovery Program, Inc., the families of residents will have the opportunity to participate actively in the recovery process through the experience of family therapy, led by a licensed clinician. Boundaries, communication skills, forgiveness, and an understanding of what constitutes enabling behaviors are just a few of the things discussed — but each session will be tailored to you and your family’s specific needs and experiences. These family therapy sessions will have the added benefit of keeping your loved one’s informed of your progress in the residential treatment journey.

Mediated group therapy sessions are an integral part of the recovery process for our residents. During your session, you and other residents will work with one of our licensed clinicians in a group setting, where topics from family issues to community reintegration and everything in between will be discussed. Discussions are confidential, monitored, led and approached with the idea of making our residents comfortable with the idea of opening up about issues past and present.

At Hoy Recovery Program, Inc., we have a garden in which we grow much of our own food, and we do it with your help. Participants in our residential program get the opportunity to take care of our garden, and the focus on collaboration, teamwork, patience and being rewarded for hard work are key factors and ideas that come into play when it comes to recovering from drug or alcohol addictions. In addition, routine is very important to ensuring a healthy garden, and following a schedule daily to be sure of plants’ success is a microcosm for the importance of routine in one’s life post-recovery.

On our 40-acre riverside campus, we also take care of a growing community of chickens, geese, goats, sheep and llamas.  Our Hoy Farm Fresh program is a farm-to-store initiative that sells the eggs, produce and meat that our farm produces. All profits and proceeds from Hoy Farm Fresh go back into Hoy Recovery and it’s residential services. 

Residents at Hoy Recovery Program, Inc. are given the opportunity and encouragement to exercise every day. Physical activity, vitally important to health and to the quality of life in non-addicts, is just as integral to the lives of those recovering from substance abuse. In addition to producing mood-boosting endorphins, fitness gives our live-in clients confidence in their bodies and in their skills that improve each day and have nothing but positive results on not only the body, but also on the mind and spirit. Our outdoor basketball and volleyball court provide the perfect team building exercise and our 40-acres allow for long walks and jogging. 

For the most part, our residential treatment programs range from 30-90 days, after which our clients reintegrate fully with the community. In order to approach daily life and the workforce from a newly sober perspective, we believe that life-skills classes, seminars and experiences are crucial. In addition to aiding recovery and making the transition a simpler one, our skills trainings lead to greater employability which means a better quality of life once treatment is done. Addiction changes the way that daily life and work is approached, and skills training allow for a relearning of behaviors lost to addiction.

Residents at Hoy participate in the 12-step programs directly related to their addictions and struggles, and since we believe strongly in the seamless transition from residential life to community and family life, it’s part of the recovery routine that’s free and easy to continue. These groups allow residents to discuss their experiences with each other in a nonjudgmental environment that fosters support, friendship and encouragement. Residents are able to move through the steps at their own pace, since there is no one way to approach the recovery journey.

Self-expression is encouraged in our residents. The creation and sharing of art is based on personal experiences and struggles, and its creation is a rewarding challenge. We understand that it isn’t easy to open up honestly about addiction, and creative expressions diffuse client’s thoughts and lived experiences into pieces that can often lead to breakthroughs in treatment. The creation of art is something residents can take with them into their communities once they leave Hoy as well.

Yoga is a set of a set of specific exercises, called poses, combined with specific breathing techniques and meditation principles. Used for centuries around the globe, these exercises were designed to stretch and strengthen your body physically, while simultaneously improving mindfulness. Through breathing techniques and practiced meditation, studies have shown that Yoga also decreases stress and  anxiety.Practiced in a group or individually, Yoga is a practice residents can take with them to continue after long after treatment.